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Sinergia Homeschooling International

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Pendidikan, Sekolah Internasional
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Jl. Asia Afrika, Senayan, Jakarta Selatan
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Sinergia Worldwide Education

Open a New Registration for New Students and Transfer, for:
1. Independent School (3 x a week ) (IGCSE/”O”/”A” Level)
2. Homeschooling (International Curriculum Supported)

1. Sinergia International : CIPP, 0 Level, A Level
2. Sinergia International : Special Need
3. Sinergia International : Preschool, K1/2, Primary, Grade 1-12

a. Programming Synergistically
b. Independent School : Visit to Center
c. Homeschooling : Tutorial to Home
d. Distance Learning
e. Practical & Experiment
f. community
g. Extracurricular
h. Flexible Time & More Qualified

For more information, please visit our center:

STC Building, 2nd floor no. 51/54
Jl. Asia Afrika, Senayan, Jakarta Selatan, 10270
(Next to Plaza Senayan/in front of Senayan City/Near Panin Bank Sudirman)
Phone : 08179122321 / 081218123231
Facebook : Sinergia Homeschooling
Email : sinergia.inter13@gmail.com
Twitter : @Sinergia_HS

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